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At Porn Discounts, our mission is to connect you with the best and deepest discounts to your favorite adult entertainment. And when we say “adult entertainment,” we mean everything and anything that’s legal! Not only do we offer incredible cheap deals to the industry’s top 100 mainstream sites, but we also cater to the LGBTQ community as well. Whatever your preferences, kinks, or sexual orientation might be, there is no judgment or discrimination here: we have your discounts ready, period!

Porn Discounts started back in 2015 when our two co-founders aspired to create a platform that was not only inclusive, but was also free from scams and spam. We cut out all of those annoyances and bring you straight-up discounts.

At this time, we have well over 4,000+ porn discounts ready and raring to go—and more are always coming in, as we keep abreast, so to speak, of the latest industry trends, the hottest new sites, and more ‘indie’ niche content. While our competition is busy getting blue balls over those top 100 sites, Porn Discounts has thousands more to spare! We don’t mean to be cocky, but, well, it’s the truth: you simply will not find a better selection of savings anywhere else.

Porn Discounts works tirelessly behind the scenes with companies from all over the world to score you the lowest and often previously unpublished rates on your choice adult entertainment. We’re talking rates so low that they sound downright dirty! Again, as long as the action itself is legal, we do all the legwork for you and will keep on tracking down those discounts for the duration. Finally: you can relax and focus on blowing something else besides your wallet, if you catch our drift…

As per our name, with Porn Discounts you always get the real deal!